February 02, 2005
Early voting ends in San Antonio

Yesterday was the last day for early voting in the San Antonio special election, which will decide the HD121 race among others. Early turnout was strong, relatively speaking.

With the close of early voting Tuesday, 14,157 people had cast early ballots for a joint election for ACCD, the Bexar Metropolitan Water District and the San Antonio River Authority.

A separate contest to elect a state representative in Texas House District 121 generated 2,125 early votes by Saturday a high number considering the circumstances.

"If you compare this to the last special election for a state representative seat, there were only about 3,000 votes total," [Christian Anderson with Election Support Services] said. "For an election that had about a two-week time span, clearly the candidates have done a good job of letting voters know there is a vacancy to fill."

Anderson estimated that total turnout for the joint election would probably hit about 28,000, while up to 7,000 could vote in the state House election.

That jibes pretty well with my wild-assed guess for the HD121 race. I'd describe Rose Spector's chances of winning this extreme sprint as slim, but not none.

In the House race, candidates announced last-minute support.

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Rose Spector, a Democrat, stood before a slate of women from local political organizations, including the Tejano Democrats and the Bexar County Democratic Women.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Joe Straus III received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business in Texas, an advocacy group for small-business owners.

It would've be nice for Spector to have gotten a crossover endorsement or two in this 65-35 GOP district, but you can't have everything. Straus has the endorsements of Governor Perry (surprise!) and the Express News, the latter of which drew some complaints for its non-scintillating rationale. The election is Saturday, so stay tuned.

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