February 09, 2005
Vo goes to work

Now that the Heflin Challenge is officially over, Rep. Hubert Vo can focus on the job he was sent to Austin to do.

"I feel very much relieved. Now I can focus on my work," Vo, 48, said.

Members from both parties wished him well, including House Speaker Tom Craddick, who put his arm around Vo as they talked.

"They said, 'It's over now, and we are glad we don't have to have this battle on the floor,' " Vo said.

Heflin already has said it is "highly likely" he will seek to regain the seat in 2006.

But for now, with the election contest behind him, Vo can hang pictures on his office walls and concentrate on legislative duties.

I think Heflin's fooling himself if he thinks he can win again, but at least now he's doing something productive. The Chron gives him his sendoff while welcoming Vo to his office.

Meanwhile, Rick Casey gets a bit muddled about the actual fraud that Rep. Will Hartnett found in his discovery process. Greg sets him straight - Casey was quoting somewhat out of context from this article. As Greg notes, this more recent article, which I linked to yesterday, goes into more detail.

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