February 13, 2005
January Traffic Report

I bounced back in a big way in January with a smidgeon over 55,000 hits, thanks in large part to a gazillion search engine referrals for Ashley McElhiney. At a guess, I'd say I'd have had a more modest 45,000 hits or so without that. Why she was such a popular search engine request I can't say, but it drove me some traffic, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, a lot of my top referrers for the month were spam sites, something which is continuing in February and which is crowding out some real referrers. I have no idea why any spammer would think this is a good thing for them to do, since the only place these URLs show up is on pages that require a login, but they're there and they're really annoying. I even got a bunch of spam referrals that appear to be spoofing a legitimate blog. Go figure on that one. At some point, I may try to implement this solution for referral spam, but it's low on my to-do list right now.

Be that as it may, I am as always glad you, the actual readers, stopped by. That's what matters, and it's why I do these posts every month. Thank you all very much. Top (real) referrers and search terms are beneath the More link.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 296: http://blo.gs/ 242: http://www.bloglines.com

Weblog referrers
1938: Daily Kos

1696: Political Animal

723: Atrios


320: The Burnt Orange Report

141: The Sideshow

128: Pandagon

Top search terms
#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
7044: ashley mcelhiney
497: ryan pitylak
468: extreme home makeovers
364: diane zamora
332: park dietz
327: schlitterbahn galveston
317: real men of genius
293: whfs
276: naugas
276: buy girl scout cookies
221: american idol tryouts
218: ryan samuel pitylak
153: klol
141: bill burkett
129: dr park dietz
129: rusty yates
124: trans texas corridor
120: ugly people
109: off the kuff

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 13, 2005 to Traffic Reports | TrackBack

Congratulations, and keep up the good work! As ever, I can merely hope to ride your coattails and bask in your reflected glory!! Cheers....

Posted by: Jack Cluth on February 14, 2005 10:16 AM