February 16, 2005
The ultimate aphrodisiac

In the Pink Texas dissects Paul Burka's list of the "25 Most Powerful Texans" in this month's Texas Monthly. I think she's wrong on Ronnie Earle (we'll see if he gets convictions in the Ellis/Colyandro/RoBold cases; I believe it will be much tougher for the Lege to clip his wings if he succeeds) but pretty much spot on everywhere else. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 16, 2005 to Show Business for Ugly People | TrackBack

Gimmie the richest 25 Texans and I'll put them up against any other team you want to name, in any kind of political tug-of-war: candidate control, lege control, election management, Fed control of state issues...

There are proximate causes and ultimate causes. And in Texas, money is still the ultimate cause.

Posted by: Demo Memo on February 16, 2005 3:25 PM