February 22, 2005
Hutchison and Barnes

There's a little controversy brewing over whether Democratic former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes will be helping Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in her (as yet purported) quest to become Governor in 2006. Save Texas Reps says Yes, here and here. PerryVsWorld says probably not. Byron is skeptical, and I must say I share his opinion. I could maybe see this happen in the general election, but it's really hard to see how a guy like Barnes helps KBH at all in a GOP primary.

You never know. If it's true, we'll find out soon enough. If not, it'll disappear into the bloggy ether. Since speculation is always half the fun, Greg offers his vision of what happens in either the Gov or Sen races. And Sarah is there with a reminder that despite popular perception and what will surely be the theme of Perry's opposition campaign against her, KBH just ain't that moderate. Another reason why I wouldn't expect anything resembling this until after the primaries, but again, you never know.

UPDATE: Forgot to point out this story of KBH travelling around the state much like Hillary Clinton did in NY prior to her run for Senate. Make of that what you will, and no, I'm not drawing any comparisions between the two women. Via PerryVsWorld.

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