February 23, 2005
Chris Bell on credit scoring

Chris Bell may still be "exploring" a run for Governor, but that doesn't mean he can't point out a few things about the current occupant of the Mansion:

STATEMENT BY CHRIS BELL ON HB 23 Offered as testimony before the Insurance Committee, 2/21/05

There is no logical basis to link insurance rates to credit ratings. If someone is late on his credit card bill, that does not mean that a tornado is going to hit his barn. Economic redlining only serves to protect the profits of insurance companies, and we have a moral mandate to stop this now and to lower the barriers to home ownership.

This is not a partisan issue. The sponsors of HB 23 are Republicans, and in 2002, Rick Perry promised to end credit scoring in Texas. He was right to take that election-year stand back then, and though his appointee at the Texas Department of Insurance is protecting economic redlining, the Governor would do well to keep his earlier promise."

The beauty of starting the campaign this early is that it just might give Bell enough time to bring up all of Perry's broken promises and craven flipflops before the election. He'll have to maintain a pretty snappy pace, though.

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