February 28, 2005
Rumble in Dallas, rumblings in Bexar

Tonight's the night that Democrats in Dallas have it out with DCDP Chair Susan Hays over a list of grievances with her. Read all about it at BOR, StoutDem, 100 Monkeys Typing, and (for a different perspective) Pink Dome. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's wrapup of the meeting - I just hope this can get resolved in a relatively bloodless manner so we can move on to more important business, like the next elections.

Meanwhile, Latinos for Texas notes that there are problems with the Bexar County Democratic Party. Sheesh. Greg is right - warts and all, the Harris County Democratic Party is in much better shape, comparatively speaking. I happen to know that something cool will be forthcoming from the HCDP in the next few days, but can't say more than that at this time. Look for an announcement shortly.

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