March 01, 2005
Reports from the Dallas Dems meeting

Byron sides with the disgruntled precinct chairs. Vince, Pink Dome, and Kerry sympathize with DCDP Chair Susan Hays. However you slice it, it sounds like it was ugly. I just hope it all gets settled soon.

UPDATE: Kerry explains his position more fully in the comments, since a forced server move is delaying his full bloggage on the meeting. I'll link to that when it's ready. StoutDem is definitely in the camp of the disgruntled.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 01, 2005 to Show Business for Ugly People | TrackBack

Siding is a slippery slope. I'd like to think of myself on the side of the disaffected precinct chair who didn't get sworn in, the side of the voters who are being under-represented, the side of the party that's watching all of this unravel over issues that should be solvable through a simple sit-down. Embarrassed at the performance of those who declare themselves leaders and appalled that a something as simple as decorum and a respect for the position of chair (despite opinions of its occupant) isn't enough to warrant civility. My opinion's yet to be aired as this kerfuffle collides with a mandated server move hiatus for 24 hours, darn it.

Posted by: kerry on March 1, 2005 1:18 PM

I love the names that are being attached to the disenfranchised precinct chairs: The Cabal, The Initative, Trators, Cowards, Insurrectionists, Fifth Columnists. While I would prefer "Shiny Happy People", I will go with "Reformers".

I called and mailed many of these Precinct Chair promising they would have a voice to air their grivences. I encouraged many Pending Precinct Chairs to attend undecided and listen and make up their own minds. They were all denied by Chair Hays, but somehow it was the reformers fault. Personally I accepted blame for the failure of the Precinct Chairs to have a true voice.

Wasn't it interesting that Susan already had the rule marked that claimed the 50% attendance was needed to elect Precinct Chairs? She made those poor people stay there two hours knowing they would not be elected. But the reformers were to blame?

I stayed outside the hall for nearly an hour apologizing to every precinct chair that would talk to me... Where was Chair Hays? She ran to her truck, screamed at someone who I assume was her personal attorney, and screeched off into the night.

No matter what you want to call us and no matter how civil or uncivil you think the reformers were, the majority of us on all sides had one goal, to win in 2006. That goal was done a disservice Monday night

PS: And to the blond woman (whom we will call SG) who was heard on Monday night saying this is just Michael Moon and the Stonewall Dems trying to take over the Party, I just have 8 words for her. LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Posted by: Michael Moon on March 3, 2005 2:38 PM