March 02, 2005
More on the upcoming HHSC changes

More from Father John on the upcoming changes in how the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will be doing its business, and hoe Colorado may be setting the (not good) example for us. I don't really have anything to add to what he's got this time other than to say I've found this whole series to be useful, enlightening, and more than a bit perturbing. It's an area of government that I think most of us here have little real experience with, but it's something that affects a lot of people in a very fundamental way. And this entry is festooned with some pretty excellent images. So check it out.

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My ex-wife worked for the Texas WorkForce Commission. They made a big company director their head, he hired the large corporation to computerize services and develop call centers. As the problems were becoming obvious the system wasn't working he declared victory and left. After he left an infusion of tens of millions of more tax dollars and some changes in procedures it is sorta working. Then the new director found he could generate new business contracts and eventually save more money by making them mega call centers, especially new ones located in the valley where new hires at much lower wages would replace the experienced workers who wouldn't move for their $500 moving expenses check. The new plan converts all the other Texas social programs to computerized mega call centers.

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