March 15, 2005
How they voted on HB3

The Quorum Report (PDF) documents the vote on the second reading/"passage to engrossment" of HB3 (there will be one more vote, as I understand it; the minutiae of House operations bogs me down sometimes). Most went along party lines. Those of interest are as follows.

Republicans who voted against HB3:

Pat Haggerty, El Paso
Glenn Hegar, Katy
Delwyn Jones, Lubbock
Terry Keel, Austin
Jodie Laubenberg, Rockwall
Brian McCall, Plano
Tommy Merritt, Longview
Ken Paxton, McKinney

That's a pretty geographically diverse group, and other than Haggerty, I can't say I recall any of them speaking out on this issue before. One point to note on the R side is that Bob Griggs, who spoke out strongly against HB2, voted for HB3. No vote was recorded for Bryan Hughes.

On the Dem side, Craig Eiland was absent, which is excusable, while Al Edwards voted Aye, which is not. I second Greg regarding Rep. Edwards. What are you doing, Al?

QR link via BOR.

UPDATE: Missed one, Elvira Reyna of Mesquite. That makes sense, since two non-nay-voting Democrats plus eight Republicans would have made it 79-69 instead of 78-70. Thanks to Save Texas Reps, who notes that even Mike Villareal voted against HB3 despite voting for it twice in committee, and Lyn Wall for the catch.

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