March 15, 2005
Bringing ethics back to the House

Do you live in a Republican-held Congressional district? The DCCC has a little project for you regarding the current status of the House Ethics Committee. It's based on this observation by Kagro X, and expanded on here, here, and here on the HCDP site.

Executive summary: The DCCC is asking people to get Republican Congressfolk on the record regarding Allen Mollahan's attempt to bring a bill to a vote that would restore old Ethics Committee rules. He's trying to get 218 sigs on a discharge petition, and he'll need about 20 GOPers to make it happen.

The goal here is to get grassroots folks to contact their own Congressperson and get him or her to state whether or not he or she will sign the discharge petition. You can keep track of who has said what here. I'd especially like to see Texas Republicans get called about this. If you get an answer, send an email to Jesse Lee and let him know.

Publicity is our friend here. If you've got a Democratic representative, consider sending a letter to the editor of your local paper instead, and don't forget the smaller community newspapers, too. Have fun!

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