March 26, 2005
More politician blogging

The Christian Science Monitor picks up on the story of politicians who blog. There's not a whole lot new to that angle, but I found this tidbit intriguing:

Entire communities have turned to the Web in hopes of providing information ignored by mainstream media that are gradually consolidating into fewer voices. Situated between Los Angeles and Anaheim - and largely overlooked by both - Bellflower, Calif., now sends out e-bulletins to residents - announcing Easter egg hunts and chili cook-offs once reported in newspapers.

"Generally it was just the shootings and robberies that made the news," says Jeff Hobbs, a city spokesman.

That's pretty cool, and an excellent solution to the problem of competing for space in the news hole. There's still room for improvement, of course, at least in my view: When a city (of any size) sets up an RSS feed for this sort of information, then we'll really have something. Via Six Apart.

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