March 30, 2005
Another view of Mike Villareal

State Rep. Mike Villareal has come under some fire for his role in helping HB3 pass out of committee (though he eventually voted against it, which has also contributed to the grumbling about him). The Jeffersonian puts some of the squabbling in context and gives a robust defense of Villareal's overall record. Check it out.

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Citizens for Proposition 2
3130 Cato Street
San Antonio TX 78223

Dear Mr. Villareal,

Thank you for your commitment to serve our community!

As you know, strong, healthy families form the backbone of our society. As you are aware, traditional marriage is the cornerstone of our families, and therefore of our community. Proposition 2 states that marriage is between One Man and One Woman only. Over 1,000 churches (both Catholic and Protestant) in San Antonio alone are strongly supporting Proposition 2. It is extremely important that your constituents know exactly where you stand on the upcoming vote November 8th.

For your convenience, simply indicate your response FOR or AGAINST and your name and either email me at, call me before faxing this letter to my home at (210) 337-5206 (voice/fax), or mail your response on this letter to my attention at 3130 Cato Street, San Antonio TX 78223.

Your response is needed not later than Thursday, Sep 29th, 2005 (Family Day). Your response, or lack thereof, will be furnished to the media. Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter!

God bless you!

Pastor Narciso Mendoza

1st Ind

Dear Pastor Mendoza,

(Please X one choice)

I am FOR Proposition 2

I am AGAINST Proposition 2


P.S. We also sent you this letter by regular mail.

Posted by: NARCISO MENDOZA on September 23, 2005 2:03 PM