April 17, 2005
March traffic report

I had nearly 55,000 hits in March, putting it just a notch below January's total. The scourge of referral log spam continues, but I suppose I'm getting a little amount of perverse satisfaction in knowing that the clowns who are clogging up my logs are getting absolutely no hits from it as a result.

It's practically meaningless to track this sort of thing, since I had to change Sitemeter accounts last year, but at the rate I'm going, sometime in May I should get my one millionth hit. Like masterpoints for bridge players, beyond a certain point it's all just noise and ego, but I figure that next order of magnitude is a long ways off, so I may as well at least note this in passing.

Top referrers and search terms are beneath the fold. As always, thank you all very much for visiting.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 385: http://www.bloglines.com 366: http://blo.gs/

Weblog referrers
2046: Daily Kos

2021: Political Animal

776: Air America Radio


426: Atrios

277: The Burnt Orange Report

277: Pink Dome

269: In the Pink Texas

200: Liberal Oasis

155: Greg's Opinion

127: Pandagon

Top search terms
#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
848: diane zamora
791: ashley mcelhiney
409: real men of genius
280: 97.5 kiol
272: armadillo palace
267: schlitterbahn galveston
230: kiol
182: walton and johnson
175: kiol 97.5
174: off the kuff
174: buy girl scout cookies
166: extreme home makeovers
163: michael lefkow
159: american idol tryouts
111: texas cheerleaders
109: joan lefkow
88: pat summit
84: baseball and steroids
82: wichita falls tornado
80: prime number algorithm

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 17, 2005 to Traffic Reports | TrackBack

I bow to your superior wit and wisdom. Would that someday I may attain the heights you have scaled....

'Course, as a wise man once told me:

"Eagles may fly, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

I guess mediocrity can be it's own reward at times, eh??

Party on, Garth....

Posted by: Jack Cluth on April 19, 2005 10:24 AM