April 06, 2005
Do you care what Clayton Williams wants?

I'm kind of amused that ol' Clayton Williams is dispensing wisdom to Republicans about next year's Governor's race. Maybe we should be asking Garry Mauro what he thinks Chris Bell ought to be doing while we're at it. Be that as it may, I think Senator Hutchison shouldn't have too much trouble responding to this:

"Sen. Hutchison should explain directly to the voters why she doesn't want to finish her job when we contributed our money and efforts to elect her to the U.S. Senate. She should explain to everybody why she wants instead to be fighting one of our kinfolks, a fellow Republican. I think he's been a damn good governor."

Well, if you want to be technical, since Kay Bailey's term ends in 2006, I think she can quite reasonably claim that she will finish her job. She'd simply be choosing not to re-enlist, as it were. If she were leaving before her term expired, then I could see Claytie's point. Maybe she'll feel the need to resign to run for Governor fulltime. That's a bit presumptuous, though.

But hey, keep that good advice coming, Clayton. I'm sure Kay appreciates it. Via Greg.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 06, 2005 to Election 2006 | TrackBack

We had recently moved to Minnesota when Jesse Ventura tossed his hat into the gubernatorial ring here. When the returns were announced on election night, my wife just shook her head making disapproving noises.

"Oh, it could be worse," I said.
"Name one person," she challenged.
"Clayton Williams," I answered.

One of the few arguments I've ever won.

Posted by: CrispyShot on April 7, 2005 11:14 AM

Your point is even stronger when you add the fact that KBH made a 2 term pledge, which she would be fulfilling if she ended at 2 terms. So Clayton, Perry, et al, are actually saying if she keeps her word that is somehow dishonorable, as opposed to breaking a campaign promise, which they are strongly recommending (since it is in their interests).


Posted by: Drew on April 7, 2005 11:33 AM

Claytie should recognize that Kay Bailey and Goodhair in the GOP primary is inevitable, and that they are going to slap each other with spiral notebooks and pull hair and scratch and claw and do all those other mean things that cherleaders do to each other at their tumble-off competitions.

And he should also do like the rest of us and relax and enjoy it.

Posted by: PDiddie on April 7, 2005 3:07 PM