April 08, 2005
DeLay day at Salon

I'm a little tied up right now, so I'll have to mark these for future reading:

Broken Hammer

Standing By Their Man

Joe Conanson on Randy DeLay

Tom DeLay's Extreme Makeover. All I can say is that if it involves hair extensions, I'm outta here.

Couple of editorials to check out, from the Kansas City Star and the Tamps Tribune, with the latter being on Sen. Mel Martinez. I include it partly because they really rip him a new one for his embarassing behavior since one of his (since resigned) senior staffers admitted to writing the so-called Schiavo talking points memo, and partly because everyone's been abuzz about the connections between said staffer (Brian Darling) and DeLay. Frankly, if there's anything less surprising than a connection between some moral midget like Brian Darling and Tom DeLay, I can't think of it. That's the whole point about DeLay - he's into everyone and everything Republican. That's why the wagons are circled around him - everyone who is anyone is connected to him, and if he falls, they're worried that they may fall, too. He didn't get to be as powerful and as corrupt as he is by working in a vacuum.

In the meantime, Big Media Matt has worried about those who oppose DeLay achieving too much success too soon, and that there's a risk of getting an insufficient political payoff in DeLay's eventual downfall. Others have touched on this as well (see here for more), so as a way to keep that in mind, read this post by Shakespeare's Sister (link via Amanda).

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There's more fun with Tom DeLay in Walt Handelsman's cartoon on the Newsday website:


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