April 09, 2005
Yates ruling upheld for now

The 1st Texas Court of Appeals has declined to reconsider its ruling to vacate the murder convictions against Andrea Yates.

Assistant District Attorney Alan Curry said he was disappointed by the decision and plans to take the case to the Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas' highest court in criminal cases.

If that court refuses to hear the case, Yates could receive a new trial.


Curry said prosecutors will retry Yates, if necessary, to keep her in prison.

"And I would fully expect the same result as we received at the first trial," he said.

Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure they won't have Park Dietz testifying for them in a retrial, so there ought not to be any TV-inspired goofups. It continues to be my opinion that what Andrea Yates needs is long-term (possibly lifelong) psychiatric treatment, and that the Harris County DA's office is not serving the best interests of justice by their dogged pursuit of a conviction. There's got to be a plea bargain that can be worked out where Andrea Yates can be both kept off the streets and treated properly. Think about it, guys.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 09, 2005 to Crime and Punishment | TrackBack

The trial, conviction and incarceration of Andrea Yates for the death of her children is one of the most barbaric, outrageous actions I have ever witnessed by our government. She was demonstrably pyschotic, lacking the ability to protect the lives of those she loved. At every stage of this tragedy, she was failed by those who should have helped her - from her husband, to her minister, to the psychiatrist and psychiatric hospital, to the Harris County DA's office. Knowing that there were so many bloodthirsty people in Harris County clamoring for the death sentence for her makes me ill.

Posted by: Dennis on April 10, 2005 9:03 AM