April 10, 2005
Will Abramoff turn on DeLay?

There's been speculation for some time now that one or more of the TRMPAC defendants may choose to turn state's evidence on the Toms Craddick and DeLay, since jail time is not likely to appeal to pampered consultants like them. Looks like that may be even more true for Jack Abramoff.

"Everybody is lying," Abramoff told a former colleague. There are e-mails and records that will implicate others, he said. He was noticeably caustic about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. For years, nobody on Washington's K Street corridor was closer to DeLay than Abramoff. They were an unlikely duo. DeLay, a conservative Christian, and Abramoff, an Orthodox Jew, traveled the world together and golfed the finest courses. Abramoff raised hundreds of thousands for DeLay's political causes and hired DeLay's aides, or kicked them business, when they left his employ. But now DeLay, too, has problems—in part because of overseas trips allegedly paid for by Abramoff's clients. In response, DeLay and his aides have said repeatedly they were unaware of Abramoff's behind-the-scenes financing role. "Those S.O.B.s," Abramoff said last week about DeLay and his staffers, according to his luncheon companion. "DeLay knew everything. He knew all the details."

How sweet that would be, and how deserving. I'm picturing it as a Law & Order episode, with DeLay sitting stonefaced in the defendant's chair as Abramoff confirms everything DA McCoy says. Oh, yeah.

Via the Daily DeLay, which also has a nice roundup of other DeLayabilia. Check out also this analysis from yesterday's Chron and this op-ed in today's.

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Am I the only one who, upon reading that title, expected a reference to a "MANdate" somewhere in this post?

Posted by: Greg Wythe on April 10, 2005 9:15 PM