April 12, 2005
A raft of San Antonio elections stuff

We're less than four weeks out from the San Antonio municipal elections of May 7, and The Jeffersonian is doing yeoman's work in following all the races, Mayoral and otherwise. Today he notes that the Julian Castro campaign is under some fire for campaign finance reporting errors. Combine that with Castro's low cash on hand and things may be getting a bit tight over there. There's no new polls, however, so we can't say for sure.

The weekly San Antonio Current has several stories pertaining to the elections this week, including a piece on the mysterious push poll that I noted earlier. Since that report came out, there have been some questions about who really was behind it, and that story suggests it may have been the Castro campaign in a bit of machiavellian maneuvering. I'm a little skeptical, since it just seems like a really dumb thing for a frontrunner to pull, but I suppose you never know. I'm also a little disappointed that the reporter of the Current piece didn't try to find out more about the anomalous poll experience Kevin Allen talked about, but in fairness I know since she used me to contact Kevin that she was operating close to her deadline and may not have had the time for that. That paragraph still sticks out, though, and maybe should have been dropped altogether if there was nothing more to it than that.

Anyway. Other Current stories include this piece on opposition research, featuring Jason Stanford of the Practice What You Preach PAC, and this piece on political consultants which features a quote from The Jeffersonian. Finally, Jaime Castillo has a nice article on Lori and Joe Bravo, the couple behind SAElections.com. Check it out.

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