April 15, 2005

Keith Gaddie of Sooner Politics has a personal interest in the maelstrom surrounding Tom DeLay.

I have a little issue of my own, in the interest of coming clean. Iím working on a book on the Texas redistricting, and nothing would make a more satisfying ending for the market than for the architect of the remap to fall. But, I also have worked, in redistricting, with the lawyers who defend DeLay and his lieutenant, Jim Ellis. They used me in two trials and never paid my bill. The lawyers blame the Texas GOP delegation, saying they have not paid the bill. I canít sue them, because no lawyer in Texas will take the case, because they are afraid to sue the Hammerís lawyers (though the state AG saw fit to use us and pay our 2003 consulting fee, for which I am most grateful). So, yes, I would take some small joy in seeing him lose; it would be worth the price of not getting paid. Even without the billing issue, as an observer I would appreciate the irony of DeLay taking a tumble.

That's not the only reason he cites, but needless to say I found this one the most amusing. Thanks to Josiah for the tip.

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Of course, if you remember the Dead Parrot sketch from Monty Python, Bolton spelled backwards is Notlob. :-)

Posted by: William Hughes on April 15, 2005 9:45 AM

Sorry about that folks. I thought I was responding to the post two items below. :-(

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