April 15, 2005
Some DeLay links to tide you through the weekend

Greg observes President Bush's evolving relationship with Tom DeLay. Parallels to his friendship/nonfriendship with Kenny Boy Lay are strictly coincidental.

Nice to know that someone in Utah still loves The Hammer.

Media Matters rounds up a bunch of anti-DeLay editorials from papers that all endorsed Bush in 2004. Most of them express the idea that DeLay's resignation as Majority Leader would be good for the Republican Party. One wonders, if DeLay hangs on and continues to get the support of 95+% of the caucus, at what point (if any) they will conclude that the problem is deeper than just one man.

New resources for the enterprising fan of these sagas: Tom DeLay's House of Scandal (via The Stakeholder) and Jack in the House, as in DeLay's buddy Jack Abramoff (via HoustonDemocrats.com).

And of course the Daily DeLay is always invaluable. It really is hard to keep up with all this, but they do a fabulous job. Just start at the top and keep reading.

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You definitely have DeLay on the brain... :)

Posted by: Kimberly on April 15, 2005 3:26 PM

More links to add to Tom Delay IFOC... cool!

Posted by: Laurence Simon on April 15, 2005 4:09 PM