April 16, 2005
Morrison update and other trivia

I've heard a few tidbits from Richard Morrison's trip to DC to meet up with the DCCC and various persons of interest. The DCCC made him an offer, which he ultimately declined (sorry, no details available). I am told that Morrison and the DCCC are in agreement that a Democratic primary in CD22 should be avoided. Morrison is in close touch with Gordon Quan and Nick Lampson, the others being mentioned as possible nominees, and all are confident that a coordinated plan will be worked out to send DeLay back to Sugar Land. They also are working to field the strongest candidate in not just that race but in all the most promising local races.

As for what some of those races might be, I think everyone knows where I want Quan to run. It's possible he may not be the only person looking at CD07, and if so, that's great - there's a place where a contested Democratic primary would be a fine thing. I could see Lampson trying on a couple of races for size, with State Senate District 17 being one that could be winnable, regardless of whether or not Kyle Janek runs again. This is just me talking here, so take it with the usual salt.

I have been told that the original source that inspired my post on 2006 targets was an article from Capitol Inside. One thing it mentioned which I did not know at the time was that there are plans to make targets of U.S. Reps. John Carter in CD31, Ron Paul in CD14, and Lamar Smith in CD21. I believe that it doesn't make much sense to target Carter without also targeting State Reps. Mike Krusee and Dan Gaddis - I actually don't think you can beat Carter until you've beaten at least one of those guys, but in the meantime laying a little groundwork surely can't hurt. I hope someone will talk to Jon Porter, the guy who ran against Carter last year, about the Krusee and/or Gaddis races. Going after State Rep. Gene Seaman will help whoever runs against Paul. It will take a candidate with a strong presence in Bexar County to make a race against Smith.

Lastly is Kristin Mack's column from Friday, which covers the Menendez amendment and the Democrats who missed out on voting for it. Not much new there other than the attribution to absentee Kevin Bailey that Democrats "might benefit from more cooperation with the GOP leadership". This is the first I've heard any such sentiment from Rep. Bailey - is this a change of heart or has he just been playing it coy all along? If I get the chance, I'll ask him that question.

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Quan in TX-07? Do you really expect anyone can do more than annoy Culbertson?

I'm curious. I don't see him as remotely vulnerable. Making him spend money is good but he has to believe he needs to spend it.

Posted by: Charles M on April 16, 2005 4:33 PM