April 16, 2005
Polls and debates in San Antonio

The Jeffersonian notes a new Survey USA poll which shows Julian Castro continuing to hold a solid lead in the San Antonio Mayor's race, but still falling short of a majority of the vote. He also has some analysis from a televised debate last night. A longer analysis is provided by a newcomer on the scene, SA Elections 2005. He was a bit unimpressed:

Goldilocks would find little to sustain herself in the porridge offered by the three major mayoral candidates last night. Julian Castro is too young, Phil Hardberger is too old, and Carroll Schubert is too cold.

Interesting stuff there, so check it out.

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Thanks for checking out the new blog and for the mention. Checking your site is a newly acquired habit, one I hope not to break.

Posted by: Cicero on April 17, 2005 2:14 AM