April 26, 2005
Blog stuff in the op-eds

So there were a couple of op-eds in Sunday's Chron that had blog themes to them. One was by Cragg Hines in which he chided bloggers on the right for their role in the case of the "Schiavo memo" that emanated from Sen. Mel Martinez's office. All I really want to do here is offer some advice to Hines: Next time you do this sort of thing, name names and quote excerpts. Not only will it help the sizable portion of your audience which isn't up to its eyeballs in blog stuff on a regular basis know what it is you're talking about, but it's what other bloggers (myself included in times past) will do to you. Arguing with unnamed and unknown opponents is not a winning strategy.

Elsewhere there was this piece by Scott Henson on the demise of the federal drug task force in Harris County (more background on that here). I can't help but note that the byline they ran did not include Scott's blog URL, which seems to me to be a pertinent omission. I've commented before about the Chron's inconsistent byline policies, and this is another example to add to my collection. But don't let that keep you from reading Scott's piece - it's a good one.

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