May 05, 2005
Lampson announces, Quan explores

Here's the Chron story on Nick Lampson's offical announcement of his candidacy in CD22 for next year. Have I ever mentioned how annoying I find it when a story about one candidate is half filled with quotes from spokespeople for his opponent? Yes, I believe I have. Feel free to skip that and read the Galveston News and (even better) the Port Arthur News stories from just before his announcement. The AP wire story from the event itself is sufficient for that.

The one thing worth mentioning from the Chron story:

Houston City Council member Gordon Quan announced Tuesday that he's taking formal steps toward seeking the 2006 Democratic nomination in the 22nd, raising the possibility of a primary race against Lampson.

With all due respect to Gordon Quan, I'd put my money on Lampson in a straight up primary fight between the two. No knock on him as a candidate, I just think he'd be the underdog and that he's better off looking elsewhere *cough* *cough* CD07 *cough* *cough*. Not that I have any opinions about where else he might look or anything...

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A similar effort is underway here.

Posted by: PDiddie on May 5, 2005 8:45 AM

I usually like contested primaries, but this could go negative way to easily. To many sharks smell DeLay's blood for my taste, and I think that will only serve to weaken the Dem. I agree, Lampson should run and Quan should look somewhere else.

Posted by: Matt on May 5, 2005 9:59 AM