May 18, 2005
The TIERS meltdown begins

Father John notes that a legislative attempt to slow down the full-blown launch of the Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) is dead for this session, meaning there's nothing to stop the billion-dollar project from rolling out statewide, ready or not. If you've been keeping up with Father John's posts, including the one linked above, you know it's not, not even close.

Along those lines, check out this video of a report on TIERS by KEYE Channel 42 in Austin. It's quite devastating. I just wish we'd see more reports like that. This is exactly the sort of thing that Crusading TV Reporters love - wasted taxpayer dollars, bungled delivery of public services, and real people getting hurt because of it. Where's Wayne Dolcefino when you really need him? Anyway, seriously, watch that video. Thanks to Hope for sending me the link.

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