May 19, 2005
Who's qualified?

And the HD143 activity continues, as Dos Centavos points to the state Constitution's residency requirements for State Rep and asks "Who's qualified to run?" Marc Campos, who has decided to talk about this race after all, answers that question thusly:

Speaking of change, here's the real deal. Go to the Harris County Assessor Collector's voter database web page and look up two of our opponents. It is true, they recently changed their voter registration addresses. The effective date of their voter registration card is June 9, 2005 for one candidate and June 11, 2005 for the other. If the special election were held today, they could not vote in the race. Laura Salinas could vote for herself.

I'll have to take his word for it, since a search for "Ana Hernandez" gave me 43 results. A court challenge to one or more candidates seems pretty darned likely at this point, and nobody's even filed yet. Stay tuned.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 19, 2005 to Election 2005 | TrackBack

Interesting to note that Laura Salinas was planning on running against Joe Moreno in the next regular election. If Marc Campos was such a great friend to Representative Moreno, why is he working for Joe's opponent?

Posted by: Maria Gomez on May 20, 2005 7:47 AM