May 20, 2005
My head is spinning

Man, you blink and you miss a change in status on HB789. On Wednesday, it was dead again:

The plan is a centerpiece of efforts by state Rep. Phil King to overhaul state laws on regulating the telephone and television industries.

King, R-Weatherford, had attached the proposal to Senate Bill 408, which extends the Public Utility Commission until 2011. But state Rep. Robert Talton, R-Pasadena, challenged the addition on grounds that it wasn't related to the original measure. The PUC doesn't have authority over television services.

Talton's protest prevailed, and the measure was taken off the House floor.

(CK note: Robert Talton! Did someone tell him there were gay foster parents lurking in there somewhere?)

"I don't know that there is a way to fix the bill," a clearly frustrated King said after the decision.

But later, King said the House Regulated Industries Committee, of which he is chairman, will take up the matter again today, hoping to send a revised version back to the floor by Sunday or Monday. The House faces a Tuesday deadline for passing the legislation. The session ends May 30.

And yes, as Rep. Aaron Pena notes, it's back for a Sunday rehearing. I'll bring the wooden stakes, you bring the holy water. Willow and Xander will meet us there.

To make matters more confusing, Save Muni Wireless says that the Senate version of this bill does not have the hated anti-muni networks provision. That version of the bill is still in committee but may make its way to the Senate floor today. If it passes, it will have to be reconciled with the King version, and anything can happen when that process begins. You know the drill - call or fax your Senator and make your voice be heard.

I have no idea how this will ultimately play out. I just know what I'm rooting for. Thanks to PinkDome and In the Pink for the links.

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HB 789 passed the Senate Business & Commerce committee yesterday. This version does not contain any of the anti muni stuff.

SB 408 was killed on Wednesday on the House floor because it contained provisios from HB 3179--King's other bad telecom bill.

Posted by: IsItOverYet on May 20, 2005 11:25 AM