May 21, 2005
HJR6 passes the Senate

It started with a favorable committee vote and was boosted by the flip-flop of Sen. Frank Madla, and now Byron reports that the Double Secret Illegal anti-gay marriage HJR6 has been approved by the Senate, meaning it will be on the ballot this November and almost assuredly approved by the voters.

It's always been my opinion that the purpose of a constitution (yes, even one as overloaded as Texas') is to define the limits of the government's power. Using it for other purposes, such as to limit the rights of individuals, makes it hardly worth the name. What a tragic and shameful waste this is.

One can only wonder what the loathesome Warren Chisum will do next session, now that his life's ambition is so close to being realized.

I got nothing else to say on this. Go read this In the Pink post if you want to cheer yourself up a bit.

UPDATE: Here's the initial coverage.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 21, 2005 to That's our Lege | TrackBack

This bill is not about marraige, but it is about getting out the conservative vote in November. Can the conservatives not see that they are being used to bring the values of this state and nation to ruin? No, they cannot see it because the people who are using them to grab power are playing their emotions to get what they want and rob them of their resources all the while making issues of emotional triggers to cover up what they are not doing to solve the real problems that need their attention. These power-grabbers are not conservative: look at their fiscal records--they are wasting away the state and national treasuries, look at their governing--they are enacting more government, not less, look at human rights--they are taking away basic rights daily...THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVE!!!!

Posted by: Margaret Nunley on May 21, 2005 9:59 PM

Peole need to wake up and take part. them repubs are taking over and they don't even care about how bad they make this country

Posted by: major on May 22, 2005 11:08 AM