May 24, 2005
Voucher bill fails in the House

What, you didn't know there was a school voucher bill in the House? I've been trying to keep up with so many other (mostly bad) bills that this one almost slipped right by me. Thankfully, it died in the House after a couple of amendments by Rep. Charlie Geren (R, Fort Worth) mostly gutted it. You can read about it here, but the much more entertaining account comes from the floor and the blog of Rep. Pena, who casts it all in Star Wars terms. I am so calling Sylvester Turner "Mace Windu" at the rescheduled Legislative Heroes shindig on June 10. I have just one quibble - Rep. Pena never assigned a role to bill sponsor Kent Grusendorf. I'm thinking Senator/Emperor Palpatine here.

More from Seth, In the Pink, and a twofer from PinkDome.

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I am so glad someone noticed. I couldn't do it because I have to work with these guys. I had to resort to using the force to compel you to reveal his true identity.

Thanks Luke!

Posted by: Rep. Pena on May 24, 2005 11:16 AM