May 24, 2005
Another contender in HD143

Still no word from the Governor's office as to when there will be an election to replace the late Rep. Joe Moreno in HD143. In the meantime, Rob Booth reports that the Harris County GOP has passed a resolution (Word doc) supporting Reggie Gonzales for whenever that election occurs. As the Democrats and Rose Spector faced long odds in the HD121 special election in February, so would Reggie Gonzales in HD143, but also as the Democrats had nothing to lose by running a good candidate, neither do the R's (assuming Reggie Gonzales is a good candidate - I have no idea).

Here's a biography of Laura Salinas, the candidate being supported by Marc Campos. Stace has called for other candidates to send their info to him for posting; I hope they take him up on it. He has some other thoughts on the race as well.

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Reggie Gonzalez is the chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Harris County. His resume is at:

He was among Hispanic Republicans that honored Debbie Riddle!

Posted by: Stace on May 24, 2005 4:21 PM