May 26, 2005
More changes coming on KIOL

Banjo brings us the news that 97.5 KIOL is fixing to change again, this time to an all-talk format.

The Texas radio rumor mill is all abuzz about Cumulus Media's soon-to-sign-on FM in Houston. The word on the street is that the 97.5 MHz signal will become the home of KFNC, which stands for "FM News Channel 97.5." KFNC's news-heavy lineup will reportedly include extended morning, midday and afternoon drive local news blocks, and mostly local talk personalities rounding out the day. News anchors and talk hosts said to be a part of the new station's staff are Jim Pruett, Brian Shannon, Laurie Kendrick, Chuck Savage, Mike Shiloh, Robyn Geske, Craig Roberts and Martha Martinez. Additionally, Jones Radio Networks' syndicated consumer crusader Clark Howard is also reportedly part of the new station's weekday schedule. Earlier this week the Chicago Sun-Times reported that WDEK, WKIE & WRZA/Chicago personality A.W. Pantoja had exited the trimulcast's morning slot to join "a new FM talk station in Houston." Cumulus/Houston Market Manager Pat Fant GM had no comment on the rumors.

By my count, there's four KLOL alumni in that list. What, was Lanny Griffith not returning calls? I should note that FM talk radio in Houston has a checkered history, but maybe this time it'll be different. We'll see. The music on 97.5 has already migrated to 103.7, which has a stronger signal.

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What about Walton & Johnson?

Posted by: Greg on May 27, 2005 5:37 PM