May 31, 2005
Announcement from KBH?

Is the worst kept secret in America about to become un-secret? The Red State says yes.

According to a highly placed source in U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's camp, the Senator is likely to announce her intention to run for Governor of Texas on or about June 6th.

As Byron notes, Aaron Pena reported this in the waning days of the legislative session.

If she announces (and though I do think she will, it's best not to be unequivocal until you hear the words from her own mouth), no one will be surprised. As PerryVsWorld notes, the Morning News blog has been running a "Hutch-o-meter", which as of 3:31 PM today was pegging at 100%. There's no suspense here any more, though there's still a tiny chance of surprise. The real action will take place after her announcement.

And here I thought things would be boring now that the Lege is closed for the summer.

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