June 01, 2005
Not so fast for KBH

The Quorum Report gives an update to the Big Upcoming Announcement By Kay Bailey Hutchison story:

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is certainly not tipping her hand about future plans. But rumors that she will announce her intentions on Thursday or Friday are not true. Months ago she indicated that any announcement of future plans would be within a couple of weeks of the end of the veto period. Despite all the end of session bar talk and rumors, nothing has changed that plan that we have been able to discover.

The Express-News has the story now.

The state's senior U.S. senator told her supporters in an e-mail message Wednesday to hang on as she contemplates what certainly would be a bruising GOP primary battle next year against Gov. Rick Perry.

“Like many Texans, I am disappointed that, despite the hard work of our legislators, major problems facing the state failed to be addressed during the recent legislative session. It's particularly unfortunate that some problems will now be left to courts to define and resolve,” U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison told her supporters.

Thousands of the e-mail messages went out “to counter the rumor mill and to assure supporters that she's on her well-defined path in announcing a decision,” Hutchison spokesman David Beckwith said Wednesday.

But the senator will stick with her long-standing policy of not announcing her intention until the legislative process is finished, he said.

That means her supporters and Perry's camp will have to wait until at least June 19 — the last day for the governor to veto legislation.

More likely, Hutchison won't announce her intentions until early next month, Beckwith said.

All right already. I'm holding my horses. Just don't disappoint me when you finally get around to telling us all your plans, Kay Bailey. E-N link via The Jeffersonian.

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