June 03, 2005
When was the last time you listened to Blogger Radio?

Well, that's too long, as they say. Fortunately, you can rectify that situation at 10:15 AM on Saturday at the usual place, BizRadio 1320 AM. I'll be there, as will Kevin, who's presumably tanned, rested, and ready after his weekend in the wilderness.

Here's last week's show, featuring Anne Linehan pinch-hitting for Kevin, split into two pieces, since we both got to yak for longer than usual (okay, I yakked more than Anne did).

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What's blogger radio? Is "blogger" the new buzzword? Now I'll be hearing about blogger TV, blogger newspaper, blogger concerts, blogger bus trips, blogger movies, blogger chocolates, blogger costumes. What does "blogger" replace: peachy, tail fins, Aquarius, "new and improved"?

Posted by: Charles Hixon on June 4, 2005 10:28 AM