June 14, 2005
Pass-the-hat time

You may have read on one of the other fine Texas progressive blogs out there that Chris Bell is hoping to raise $30K online by midnight tomorrow. (What's significant about June 15? It's the one year anniversary of his ethics complaint filing against you know who.) He's passed the $25K mark, so you can help him bring it home.

We had another Bell conference call last night, this time organized by his campaign. Some previous attendees and some new folks were on, and we had a good spirited conversation once again. Eileen has a good overview, fellow first-time caller StoutDem was favorably impressed by Chris' outreach, and the Panhandle Truth Squad got some followup answers on their education questions. I expect there will be more of these, and not just for Bell - if you've not gotten any emails about them previously, please drop me a note so I can make sure you're notified in the future.

Meanwhile, Barbara Radnofsky emails to say:

The second quarter of this Texas US Senate campaign is closing. As I reach this milestone and nearly 200 trips since the beginning of this journey, I've raised $450,000 towards my end of June goal of $500,000.

Your contribution toward my half-million dollar goal will help me to run a strong and vigorous campaign.

Please help me with a donation to the address below before the end of June. The need really is urgent...

I've added the URLs to her online secure donation site, but if you prefer the old-fashioned kind of giving, send your checks to

Barbara Ann Radnofsky for US Senate Committee, Inc.
PO Box 550377
Houston, TX 77055-0377

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