June 23, 2005
More Mofo

Rick Perry, hipster? Hey, it could happen.

Perry's open-mic gaffe caused a lot of people to take notice. Some were outraged, some pretended to be outraged, and some said, "Dang, who knew our governor knew such a raunchy term?"

"I think it's hilarious," said Robert Lanham, author of The Hipster Handbook (Anchor, $10.95), who wants a T-shirt.

Lanham recalls the term from 1980s hip-hop slang. Today most people use it for camp value, Lanham said, but he hasn't heard any Republican governors saying it.

"It doesn't strike me that (Perry) has the self-awareness to know that maybe that term is a little bit silly. But who knows, maybe he's cooler than I think," Lanham said.

"I'd be worried if he started answering reporters' questions with 'word up.' "

I believe that would count as an official sign of the apocalypse. Speaking of which, Jim D has given us the Rick Perry Remix. Consider yourself warned.

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