July 02, 2005
Is This Thing On?

Well, since Chucky has fled the Lone Star State to prevent a quorum of revellers for the I-day celebration, it looks like he's made the grand mistake of entrusting me as part of his cadre of pinch-hitters. So, by way of introduction, I'm Greg of GregsOpinion.com. A fellow Texas progressive, I tend to blog on a wider range of issues than our Charles. I'll try to keep my comments here somewhat limited to the Texas and Houston-centric stuff, but since I've got a few days to do some damage, I'm sure I'll work in a William Proxmire reference here and there (outside of this post), as well as end up in a spiffy little catfight over something relatively meaningless. It's all good. Stay tuned. Fun will follow.

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Hmmmm: You're the first of an impressive collection of folks who will vouch that Mr. Kuffner isn't here and I can be reasonably confident that Robert L. Corson didn't buy him a free trip to Los Vegas.

Posted by: Charles Hixon on July 2, 2005 3:02 PM