July 02, 2005
Arianna's Oddball Friends: The Ted Poe Edition

I knew I'd have to go easy on making jokes at Arianna Huffington's expense once she signed up some quality like Harry Shearer. But not being content to merely lure one of my own faves, Andrei Cherny, out of a relative recluse of writing, she can now add Harris County's own Congressman Ted Poe to her list of guest bloggers. So, is it time to take the Huffington Post seriously?

I guess so. At least, if you see fit to draw favorable parallels between Gitmo and a Carribean resort the way Congressman Poe does. Yessiree Bob ... er, Ted. It's a terrorists paradise down there. Nothing but the politest of interrogations he witnessed. Funny, I could have sworn they'd want to give a former judge with the reputation of Ted Poe a little bit of insight into their own creative justice at Gitmo. Guess not. So based on Poe's word, I guess we should just ignore the actual documented evidence of mistreatment? And why not one word out of Poe about prisoners being held in the pokey without a single charge filed against them? I guess that was off the beaten path for his little sightseeing adventure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to dive into the deep end that suggest we shut up shop, close our eyes, and wish these predominantly evil people away. But I think there's something to be said for maintaining a high standard of American justice. After all, that is something that we pretend to be fighting for, right? Not a word out of Poe on any of that nonsense, though. He's too busy taking in a little beach volleyball, no doubt.

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