July 11, 2005
Garnet Coleman sums it up

I got the same press release Greg did (along with many others), I'm just a little behind in posting it.

State Representative Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) began airing a radio ad today in his hometown of Houston urging Texans to "say no to the Republican tax on our families." The ad will begin airing in Austin tomorrow. An audio copy of the ad and the text of the ad are attached.

"No matter what the Governor and the Republican leadership say, the plans they are trying to ram through the legislature would amount to a huge tax increase on our families," Coleman said. "Even worse, not a penny of the higher taxes we'll pay will go to our schools, our teachers, or other critical state needs."

Coleman said the radio ad points out the real effect of the Republican tax plan that passed the Texas House in a very simple, direct manner.

"Democrats had a plan to give Texas homeowners more property tax relief and put $2 billion more into our children's schools above what is in the proposed Republican tax on our families," Coleman noted.

Coleman said he paid for the ad from his own campaign funds, noting that he did not have $400,000 to match a "propaganda machine that is trying to sell a Republican tax increase as a plan that will cut taxes and help our schools."

"I believe it is important to encourage all Texans to make their voices heard by speaking out against a Republican tax plan that asks almost 90% of Texans to pay higher taxes and does nothing to help our neighborhood schools," Coleman concluded.

PinkDome has the MP3, while The Red State has the ad text. If you like what he's saying, drop by Coleman's website and tell him so.

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