July 31, 2005
WiFi in the suburbs

Nancy Sarnoff says that WiFi is beginning to get built in to new suburban housing developments.

The developer of Seven Meadows, a new master-planned community in Katy, has made wireless Internet access available at its six-acre park and recreation area.


The high-tech capabilities will soon span the entire 1,000-acre neighborhood, according to developer Newland Communities. The company plans to launch Wi-Fi in its other Houston projects, including Summerwood and Grayson Lakes.

"Wireless Internet service is fast becoming an essential amenity for residents of quality master-planned communities," said Lisa Chahin, vice president of operations at Newland.

Other places are embracing the wireless world.

Wi-Fi access will soon be available in Sienna Plantation, a 10,500-acre development in Missouri City.

General manager Doug Goff said it will be available in areas like the swim park, fitness center and golf club.

"We're at a point now in the community that there seems to be a growing demand for it," Goff said.

And parts of The Woodlands have adopted Wi-Fi, as well.

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center and parts of The Woodlands Mall have been outfitted with wireless capabilities.

And Market Street, a new outdoor shopping center, recently installed the technology in its central park.

I realize that the battle from the regular session over free municipal WiFi wasn't really about new suburban development, but reading this I do wonder how long it will be before that fight is mostly moot. How long will it be before the only places left to be served are the ones the big telcos don't much care for in the first place?

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