July 31, 2005
Meet the municipal candidates

I'll have more to say on this later (probably tomorrow morning), but I want to note today that Greg and I organized a brunch at Kaveh Kanes with a group of local bloggers and candidates for Houston city office in 2005. About ten candidates turned out - see Greg's post for a full list - and what followed was a freewheeling and very interesting conversation about Houston and how these folks would like to serve it. The Houston Democrats crew took advantage of the free WiFi at Kaveh and liveblogged the event, so check that out for a play-by-play. In the meantime, I'd like to also thank everyone who showed up. This was a success, and we're already talking about doing another event with a broader audience. Check back tomorrow for my impressions. I'll link to as many other writeups as I can find as well.

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