August 07, 2005
Radnofsky interview

Damon McCullar went for a jog with Barbara Radnofsky and came back with a nice interview of her. One point to highlight:

DCM: The President has had several controversial appointments in his second term. What do you see as the role of the Senate in "advise and consent" and how do you feel about the Republican "Straight up or down" rhetoric?

BAR: Well, I think we can talk about both Judge Roberts and John Bolton. The nomination of Judge Roberts caused people to immediately, and I mean immediately call on the Senate to confirm him. For example, KBH within minutes of the announcement called on her colleges in the Senate to "ensure" that Roberts would be in place by October". Now that's without regard to their investigation and their doing their constitutional duty of advising and part of advising means that you have to be informed. I take that seriously. I think Senator under the Constitution has a duty to advise the President and he or she shouldn't take it lightly. And I think it is an abandonment of your constitutional duty when you call on your colleges to immediately confirm somebody. He may be supremely qualified, but you have to go through the process.

I'm sure KBH would have been as concerned about a nominee if it had been John Kerry making it, don't you think? The Senate is not supposed to be a rubber stamp for the President. They have a job to do, and they ought to take it seriously. Otherwise, we may as well be honest about it and amend the Constitution to eliminate the Senate's confirmation process. Do your job, Senator Hutchison, or let someone else do it instead.

Anyway. It's a good interview, with a lot of substance. I see that BAR has been talking with the DMN, the El Paso Times, and the Statesman lately. I wonder when we'll get to see any stories from those conversations.

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