August 08, 2005
Storey and Raycraft

Yesterday's Chron had this interesting overview of the two most powerful people in Harris County that you've never voted for and may have never heard of, Art Storey and Dick Raycraft. They've been a bit more prominent than usual in the news lately in stories concerning the Harris County Toll Road Authority and the overcrowded Harris County jails, so it's good to learn a little more about them. Check it out.

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Today, the team released "Roads Scholar", the first report in a week-long investigative series on toll roads and how government privatization is screwing the public.

Connect the D.O.T.s on a project in Colorado that was a blatant land grab for private developers at public expense. Later this week, we'll demonstrate how to investigate these projects in your own home town and how to pitch this untold story to your local media.

So before you resign yourself to pitching quarters into the toll basket, check out what your local government may be doing behind the publics' backs.

You can read the whole series at >>

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