August 28, 2005
Blog notes

My webhost now has a blog, which strikes me as the sort of thing that webhosts in general ought to have. This post about how they deal with fraud made them worth the effort to add to my Bloglines subscriptions.

Here's a new-to-me blog on "Southern politics, media and public life" - SouthNow. They've got an entry on an interesting development in the Virginia Governor's race that I don't think I'd heard about before.

A useful service that I should have posted about before is, which includes feed aggregators for progressive blogs from all 50 states. Here's the one for Texas blogs. There's also a good news aggregator blog called Texas Politics that's worth your time to check out.

Finally, the proprietor of the Galveston-based Liberty's Blog writes to tell me that he's back in business and at a new location, so update your blogrolls and subscriptions accordingly.

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