September 07, 2005
An introduction to South Louisianans

Ray in Austin continues to be a great resource for Katrina information. Here's an introduction to the people of South Louisiana, and here's a vow that Mardi Gras will go on.

Hope and Eileen spent some time at the Austin Convention Center today, and she's got some advice for anyone else who plans on volunteering. She also created a nifty little handout with phone numbers that evacuees should know. I've uploaded the Word doc here for anyone who wants to print a copy for themselves.

Matt Albright, posting on Rob Booth's blog, says:

For those in the West Houston area: If you have evacuees in your home or know of someone who does, our church will be serving free evening dinners to evacuees. The church is located on Clay Road West of Hwy 6. It is about a block past Los Cucos Mexican Restaurant on the South side of the road.

The church in question is Bear Creek Baptist Church. Full information and a schedule at Matt's post.

Want to donate food, clothing, or toiletries to the relief efforts this week but don't have the time to get to a dropoff center? The City of Houston's Solid Waste Management Department is sponsoring a Food and Clothing Drive, and they'll pick up your donations from your curb for you.

By placing canned goods, non-perishable food items, clothes and toiletries in a grocery bag at the curb on the resident's SWMD garbage collection day the week of September 6-9, 2005*, Houstonians will help contribute to these devastated families. The Curbside Food and Clothing Drive is for Houston residents who are serviced directly by the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department.

In other words, if your garbage is collected on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, you can still have your donations collected this way. There's more at the SWMD web page - you can also use their service centers as dropoff points. Via Help in Houston, which also has a list of places where you can volunteer your time.

US Rep. Chet Edwards announces that the Department of Labor has granted $75 million to the Texas Workforce Commission for Katrina evacuee relief efforts.

Following the approval by Congress of $10.5 billion for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts last week, U.S. Representative Chet Edwards today announced that the U. S. Department of Labor will release up to $75 million to the Texas Workforce Commission to provide a wide range of services to evacuees from areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Approximately $23.5 million will be available immediately.

"This is just the first step, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is vital that this emergency funding moves quickly toward relief efforts in Texas and the Gulf Coast region. Together, federal, state and local authorities must continue to work diligently to protect and assist those in need," said Edwards.


The Department of Labor project was funded under the federal WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT (WIA) as a national emergency grant and will provide for a wide range of assistance for the evacuees such as: temporary employment to assist disaster relief efforts, supporting shelter operations, and assisting with humanitarian needs; needs-related payments for those not eligible for or who have exhausted either Disaster Unemployment Assistance or Unemployment Insurance; short-term, vocational training that could be useful in rebuilding or resettlement efforts; job search assistance; temporary unsubsidized employment opportunities in the private sector; and dissemination of information on how to access DUA or UI; establishment of temporary shelters; and crisis and financial counseling.


Additional general information about hurricane recovery assistance available through the Department of Labor can be found on this website.

Norbizness has some useful Austin info, underneath some good Simpsons quotes.

The Red State reports on his volunteer experience in San Antonio.

As always, please send me information about relief efforts that you'd like me to disseminate via email to kuff - at - offthekuff - dot - com. Thanks!

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Because several Austin Convention Center computer support volunteers have noted the need for some information and orientation for new volunteers, a blog is currently being created. Initially, a few people will post info and others can leave info in comments. At some point the city IT guy (Karl? Carl?) said it may be structured in some other way.

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