September 16, 2005
Courage, Harrell, and Harris

I've already mentioned John Courage's campaign kickoff event for tomorrow, so consider this a reminder that he's also in the running for the first round of Democracy for America endorsements, which you can vote on here. Here's the announcement of the competition, for which he's currently running second (the top ten will advance). Go help him out if you haven't already done it. You'll be hearing more about this next week.

As long as we're talking about official campaign launches, Mary Beth Harrell will have hers on September 27. Eye on Williamson has the details, with more to follow.

David Harris continues to criticize Smoky Joe Barton for his No vote on the Katrina relief package. From a press release:

The Harris Campaign recently issued a call to action asking all constituents in the district to call Joe Barton's office:

We are asking that all the good people of TX CD 6 immediately call Joe Barton and demand an explanation of his no vote.

While many of us are working extra hours in shelters, in hospitals, and in our schools trying to help Texas take care of the displaced Katrina survivors, Barton put politics ahead of victims.

One constituent writes back:

"the receptionist told me that joe barton did not vote yes because he didn't know where the money was going. when i asked her why only 11 congressmen had such little faith in the process, she said the rest reacted in a knee jerk action to fix the problem without doing the 'dedicated research' that mr joe barton did."

"Dedicated research", eh? If anyone reading this places a call to Smoky Joe's office, may I suggest you ask if he had the same reservations about where the money in the porktacular transportation bill would be going. I for one would love to know what kind of "dedicated research" he did on that sucker.

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