September 19, 2005
Sliva-Thibault in HD133

I heard about this several days ago and was sworn to secrecy at the time, but now that Carl Whitmarsh has sent word over his email list, I figure I'm okay to publish that there's talk of a new Democratic contender in HD133: Kristi Sliva-Thibault. Here's Whitmarsh's email:

Longtime presumptive Democratic candidate Robert Pham has definitely bowed out of the State House race and a familiar face and name is looking into jumping in the race. Former Harris County Democratic Party Executive Director, Kristi Sliva-Thibault, is looking closely at the race. Kristi served under former Chair David Mincberg during the 1998 primary season and managed the campaigns in 1998 and 2000 of Democrat Loy Sneary in his races against Congressman Ron Paul. Most recently, Kristi has taken on different projects for State Chair Charles Soechting and the Texas Democratic Party and also for the local party as well as being connected to several candidates.

I've met Kristi at several events and look forward to talking to her about this. I've not done a full analysis of HD133, but I did do a preliminary workup awhile back which showed that George Bush got 54.6% of the vote there and Moldy Joe Nixon, running against an unknown independent candidate, was named on 53.8% of the ballots cast (there were a ton of undervotes in his race). This is definitely a winnable district, and is a top target whether or not it's an open seat as it currently stands to be.

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Amen! Get some Democrats in the House!

Posted by: Red Dog on September 19, 2005 4:49 PM