October 05, 2005
Nonscientific municipal poll numbers

With the lack of a high profile race at the top of the ticket this year, we're unlikely to see any real polling done for the municipal elections - checking my archives from 2003, the first one we got then was in mid-September, so there's obviously no urgency here. There is an unscientific reader poll being done by Houston Business Connections which is worth a look. It may be meaningless but I'm still disappointed to see Prop 2 leading by a healthy margin. Beyond that, no real surprises to me. I do think At Large #2 will ultimately require a runoff, so I'll be a little surprised if Jay Aiyer wins a majority on Election Day to avoid it as this suggests he would. Click around and see for yourself, but don't put too much stock in any of it. Via Carl Whitmarsh's mailing list.

I should also note that the deadline to register for this election is this coming Tuesday, October 11, and that early voting will begin on October 24. You can check the voter registration database at HCVoter.net to verify that you're registered or to get a form to fill out if you need to. Lyn has all the details on early voting times and locations. This election may not be generating a whole lot of media attention, but it's as important as all the others, so be prepared and get ready to vote.

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