October 18, 2005
Endorsement watch: Districts B, C, and F

It must be endorsement week at the Chron, as they check in today with three more recommendations, for City Council Districts B, C, and F. No surprise in F, where incumbent MJ Khan is running against token opposition. Can't really comment on B, where they tout Robin German-Curtis, since as I said before I don't know very much about the octet in that race. I'm pleased and a little surprised to see Mark Lee get the nod in C - I'd have probably wagered on them picking George Hittner if I'd been forced to guess. Mark's a good guy, and having had the chance to meet several of his opponents awhile back, I've got to agree with the Chron when they say Lee is "a distinguished candidate in a pool of impressive competitors". Getting the endorsement in that race is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you, Mark.

One question: why did the Chron skip the District A race? At first, I thought they were going alphabetically (District D's Ada Edwards and District E's Addie Wiseman are unopposed), but incumebent Toni Lawrence has a challenger. Maybe it's just random. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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